Up and Running with AppleScript

with Scott Simpson
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Up and Running with AppleScript
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AppleScript is the automation language for Mac OS X. Smart Mac owners use it to save time on repetitive tasks and control the many other applications that live on your system, including the Adobe and Microsoft Office suites. This project-based course shows how to build a real-world app that adds metadata and a watermark to image files, using some built-in logic to discover whether the users have Photoshop installed on their computer. Using this example script, author Scott Simpson walks you through the syntax, features, and common gotchas of AppleScript.

Topics include:
  • What is AppleScript?
  • Using comments, variables, text, and numbers
  • Working with files and folders
  • Using conditionals and creating loops
  • Building functions
  • Controlling other programs with AppleScript
  • Preventing and catching errors
  • Distributing your AppleScript application
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- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Scott Simpson, and welcome to Up and Running with AppleScript. AppleScript is a scripting language that's built into Mac OS X, and it allows you to control other applications on your system to do some pretty useful things. In this course, I'll introduce you to the syntax of AppleScript, which is a little different from what you might be used to if you're familiar with other programming languages. We'll start out slowly with the basics, and throughout the course we'll get our feet wet with AppleScript by building a little application that takes some images and sets copyright metadata for them, or if you have Photoshop installed, sets the metadata, and adds a text watermark on the image itself.

Using that project-based approach, you'll see how the syntax and terminology of AppleScript work, and how AppleScript can control other applications easily. You'll see how powerful and flexible AppleScript can be and by the end of the course, you should be ready to explore Apple's documentation to find out how to do more advanced things and understand how to build AppleScript applications on your own. AppleScript has a long history within the Apple world, and there's no time like the present to start using it. So let's get started with AppleScript.

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