Apple Color Essential Training

with Robbie Carman
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Apple Color Essential Training
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In Apple Color Essential Training, Color expert Robbie Carman delves into the program's powerful features. Beginning with the fundamentals of digital color correction and preparing a Final Cut sequence for gradation in Color, Robbie goes on to teach advanced features such as evaluating contrast and color with scopes, making primary corrections with the color balance controls and curves, making secondary corrections, building Color FX, changing corrections over time, and using multiple grades. Exercise files accompany the tutorials.

Topics include:
  • Understanding digital color correction
  • Fitting Color into Final Cut Studio processes
  • Importing and opening projects
  • Using the scopes
  • Adjusting under- and overexposed clips
  • Removing color casts with the Color Balance controls
  • Understanding the Secondaries room
  • Building Color effects
  • Using multiple grades and corrections
  • Changing color over time
  • Rendering and outputting files


- [Voiceover] Hi, welcome to's Apple Color Essential Training. I'm Robbie Carman. First things first. I'm so excited to explore Color with you, and I'm confident that you'll fall in love with this application just like I have. Before we jump into the course, I'd like to spend a minute or two talking about a few things: who I am, why I love Color, and what this course is all about. So who am I? Well, first and foremost, I'm a colorist. I'm also an online editor, which means I'm basically the last person to see a show before it goes out the door. I'm an Apple Certified Trainer. I'm certified in all levels of Final Cut Pro, Color, Motion, and probably a few others that I'm forgetting.

I'm an author. I published a couple of books about Final Cut Pro, and I've also been the technical editor for a few books about color correction. I'm a post-production consultant. I've helped groups like Discovery Channel and National Geographic integrate Final Cut Studio Workflow into their own workflows. So why do I love Color? I love Color because it's a mix of the technical and the creative. It's technical because I get to fix bad shots and its creative because I get to apply my creativity to make a shot look beautiful. I love Color because I get to be the unsung hero. If I do my job well as a colorist, nobody ever really notices, and I like that aspect.

I love Color because it's grading for everyone. We finally have an application that allows for professional color correction and grading to anyone who can get Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Studio, and those people don't have to rely on very expensive hardware for professional grading. I love Color because it's integrated workflow. Color is very nicely integrated with Final Cut Pro, and that's a cool aspect of the package. And of course, it's from Apple. Who doesn't love a product from Apple? So what's this course about? This course is about learning the interface. It's about learning how to identify footage problems.

It's about learning techniques to correct your footage. It's about learning techniques to give your footage a look. It's about learning to integrate Color into your workflow, and it's about building for the future. Now that we've met, let's get started learning more about Color.

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