Shooting on the Road, from Gear to Workflow

with Ben Long
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Shooting on the Road, from Gear to Workflow
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Shooting on the road, whether it's on vacation or on assignment, introduces a variety of considerations for photographers of all levels. How do you store the shots, back them up, edit and enhance images in the field, and then merge those images with your master library at home? In this course, Ben Long addresses these topics and more from the perspective of several field-shooting scenarios, including city vacationing and backcountry hiking.

The course takes a look at the hardware and software issues behind field shooting: assessing storage and backup needs, evaluating GPS geotagging options, surveying power and charging issues, and more. After discussing each of the components, Ben shows how they fit together in different field setups, ranging from an extravagant laptop-based system to a no-computer setup that backs up photos to a compact digital wallet device. The course also spotlights some workflow strategies to consider when you get home, from transferring photos to merging them with a larger photo library.

Topics include:
  • Selecting the right gear, from cameras to bags
  • Bringing the right battery and storage equipment
  • Packing your camera bag
  • Getting to the destination with heavy equipment
  • Unpacking and setting up the gear
  • Geotagging photos on location
  • Downloading manuals for convenient access in the field
  • Wrapping up a shoot
  • Unpacking and transferring images to an editing workstation


- If you've been doing this photography thing for a while, then you already know that there's a lot of stuff you've gotta remember. Shutter speed and aperture and ISO and the reciprocal nature of all those things and the list goes on and on and on. When you get ready to go out into the field, though, whether it's for a day of hiking or weeks of traveling, you're gonna face an entirely different set of concerns, and to prepare for those kinds of excursions, you've got to learn to ask yourself a very particular set of questions. You can divide the decisions that you need to make to prepare for a shooting trip into a few different categories.

How are you going to power your gear? Where are you going to store your images? How are you going to edit your images if you need to? How are you going to send those images to other people if you need to? How are you going to carry all of your stuff? In this course, we're going to look at all of these issues and go through the process of learning how to equip for many different types of field shooting situations. In the next movie, you're going to see a kind of roadmap that will show you a few different ways that you can use this course, and then after that we're going to launch right in to learning how to predict and plan for what you might need.

And from there we're going to go into some specific examples of gear selections that I made for different kinds of trips.

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