Portrait Retouching with Aperture

with Derrick Story
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Portrait Retouching with Aperture
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Portraits require a subtle hand when it comes to retouching, and Aperture's toolset is just the ticket for performing natural-looking enhancements. Derrick Story shows how to choose your best shots, assess the composition, and start the correction process. Learn how to smooth skin, brighten teeth and eyes, adjust the color of clothing and backgrounds, and add a vignette that draws more focus to your subject. Plus, get creative by converting your portrait to black and white, adding sepia toning, or brushing in effects.

Topics include:
  • Assessing your image
  • Retouching blemishes
  • Enhancing skin texture
  • Adding highlights to the hair
  • Adjusting clothing and backdrop color
  • Brightening and sharpening eyes
  • Converting to black and white


- [Voiceover] Hi and thanks for joining yours truly, Derrick Story, while we explore Portrait Retouching with Aperture. The image editing tools in Aperture are far more powerful than many realize. When working on portraits, you have a professional set of adjustment tools at your fingertips that allow you to get the most out of each image. A few of the techniques we'll look at include enhancing and softening skin textures, adjusting clothing color for just the right look, changing backdrop hue and intensity to perfectly match the subject, highlighting hair color, brightening teeth.

We'll also explore black and white portraiture, color monochromes, and using plug-ins to expand our creativity during post-production. So take your portraits to the next level by joining me for Portrait Retouching with Aperture.

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