New preferences and tool bars

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New preferences and tool bars

One of the first things that you're going to notice when you open up Aperture 2.0 is, wow, this thing really looks different, and it is different. It's different on purpose. It's easy to use and Apple has spent a lot of time going in that direction. Now as with any new application, you'll start out by looking at the Preferences dialog box, and I'm going to go there right now. You just go up to Aperture; click on Preferences. Now these are mainly the same Preferences we've always had in Aperture, but they're in categories, so you have General, which this used to be at the top of the Preferences list, and now it's own category, Appearance, Export, Previews, on and on and on.

Now you'll notice that there's a new one over here, Web Gallery, and that's because that function has been added to Aperture 2.0, and I'm going to talk about it in an upcoming movie, but right now the main thing you need to know is that when you come to Preferences, you can just go to the category area that you want to make a change, make your change, and then click out of it. At the top of the interface in the toolbar area here, this has also been cleaned up quite a bit. You still have Inspector, and clicking on that toggles it off and on, and now we have a label to go with our blue import arrow, because not everyone knew that blue arrows pointing downwards meant that you were going to import images, and of course you can import them from your computer, or from a camera, and this works the same way as it always has.

It just has a nice label now. Projects, Albums, Light Tables, all that stuff has been put into this one pop-up menu here and you can see them all. Now I really like this. I think this was a very nice move, so if you want to create a new album, a new project, just go to the pop-up menu, and select what you want, Email, Slideshow right over here. Over on the right side you have your view options, and of course a lot of these many people use keyboard shortcuts for, so you may or may not use this menu, Full Screen mode, Loop, and Keywords.

Now people that have been using Aperture in the past, some of them like the control bar that's down there at the bottom, and you may notice that when you first fire up Aperture, you don't see that control bar anymore. Well, it's still around. You have to activate it, so you go up the window here. Go, Show Control Bar, and if you're a control bar fan, there it is for you, and if you're not a control bar fan, you can go back to the window and you can hide the control bar. Just these few simple changes have really cleaned up the interface.

There's a few more goodies that I'm going to touch on in upcoming movies, but this'll get you going.

New preferences and tool bars
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New preferences and tool bars provides you with in-depth training on Photography. Taught by Derrick Story as part of the Aperture 2 New Features

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