Importing images from a hard drive

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Importing images from a hard drive

Another way to go if you want to bring images that don't exist in Aperture right now into the Aperture environment. Let's say from a hard drive. Let's say that you've been working hard over all these months. And you have a folder of pictures that are all nicely organized on an external drive, or on your computer. But you want to use Aperture now to manage those images. You can do that and you have a lot of options doing that. So I am going to show you that right now.

So we are going to talk about pictures that aren't on a camera. That are in a folder somewhere on a hard drive. Either on your computer hard drive or external hard drive. But now we want to bring them into Aperture and let Aperture manage them. So we are going to go to our Import dialog box. And I have a folder of images in the Exercise Files called Product Shots. Here they are right here. So here's our Exercise File, and here are these images called Product Shots.

And here they are right here. So what I want to do is I want to manage these images in Aperture, along with stuff that comes in from my digital camera or maybe from my iPhoto library. Because the whole idea is to have one central location to manage your work. So that's what we are going to do. Since these shots are much different than our shots from the Great Outdoors, I'm going to have them be a new project. So we are going to create a new project, and we are going to give it the name Product Shots, right here.

We are not going to import duplicates. Now here is a big choice on this workflow. And I want you to really think about this. We have a few options here. One is that we could bring these images into our Aperture library container or managed approach. So they would actually be copied, from wherever they are into our Aperture library. That's one approach. Another approach and one that you might like better if you have a whole bunch of stuff out on an external hard drive and you just want to manage it in Aperture is to go the referenced file approach for these, and just leave them in their current location.

In other words, where these masters live, that's where they are going to stay, and we are just going to point Aperture to them. I think it's really a great way to go, if you have a whole lot of stuff out there. To be practical since we are trying to manage these Exercise Files and all that stuff, I am going to go ahead and bring them into the Aperture library. We just have a few. But if you're thinking about doing a whole lot of this stuff, then you may want to go In their current location. Because that way you're not copying anything; you are just pointing the Aperture to them.

By the way, you have one other option which is you can just move them to a completely different place. Let's say that you have a brand-new hard drive and you are just dying to put a bunch images on it. You could choose that hard drive and move those images there and point Aperture to them there. So you have lots of flexibility. Most folks are probably going to go with In their current location or In the Aperture Library. So here we are, we are in the Aperture Library. I don't want to bring all of these in. I just want to bring a few of these product shots. So let's just say I want to bring these four in.

So I make sure that they're checked. I am bringing in raw files. If I wanted to, I could add some metadata. I am just going to go with the basic preset right here, no keywords or anything. We are all set, we're going to create a new project and we are going to put these images in it. So here we go, hang on to your seats, just like that, here they are. So now we have the new project called Product Shots.

We have our images right here. We go to the Metadata tab, we see that we have the raw files, they are stored in our Aperture library. And we can do all the fun stuff that we want to do with them. If you have stuff that's out there, on other hard drives, in other folders, you can manage them in Aperture. You can either bring them into your Aperture library, or you can reference them. If you have a lot of stuff, think about going in the referenced route. I think in the end it will save you a lot of disk space.

Importing images from a hard drive
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Importing images from a hard drive provides you with in-depth training on Photography. Taught by Derrick Story as part of the Aperture 3 Essential Training (2012)

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