Enhancing Product Photography with Aperture

with Derrick Story
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Enhancing Product Photography with Aperture
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When you're creating images of products for advertisements, catalogues, and online stores like eBay, there's a balance between making the product look its best and representing it accurately online. Learn how to correct and enhance your product shots with Aperture and these lessons from Derrick Story. Learn to correct hue and saturation to reflect the product's true color accurately, correct exposure, and eliminate dust spots and imperfections. Then smooth unwanted texture from fabrics and other surfaces, change the backdrop's hue and intensity to match your product, and use highlighting to direct the viewer's attention to a specific feature. Plus, find out how to use plugins like Silver Efex Pro to expand your creative options.

Topics include:
  • Evaluating the image quality before editing
  • Making sure the color is accurate
  • Determining the most effective color
  • Working with highlight recovery
  • Targeting areas for sharpening
  • Adjusting the background
  • Changing the color of objects
  • Vignetting
  • Round-tripping with Photoshop
  • Converting to black and white with Silver Efex Pro
  • Applying effects


- [Voiceover] He, and thanks for joining yours truly, Derrick Story, while we explore Enhancing Product Photography with Aperture. Getting just the right look for your products shots is important, whether they're items to sell on eBay, documentation for insurance, or an assignment for hire, such as a brochure. The professional editing tools in Aperture can help you correct color, adjust exposure, and eliminate nagging dust spots and imperfections. A few of the techniques we'll explore include smoothing unwanted textures in fabrics and surfaces, adjusting product color for just the right look, changing backdrop hue and intensity to perfectly match the subject, highlighting a specific part of a product to direct the viewer's attention.

We'll also take a look at plug-ins for Aperture to help you expand your creativity with working with product shots. So take your studio imagery to the next level by joining me for Enhancing Product Photography with Aperture.

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