Creating projects and albums

show more Creating projects and albums provides you with in-depth training on Photography. Taught by Derrick Story as part of the Aperture 3 Essential Training (2012) show less
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Creating projects and albums

We're going to get a little bit into organizing mode here and before we start doing things like rating and labels and all that good stuff, I just want to review projects and albums for a second because they are really very nice tools for doing basic organization at a higher level and then we can drill down a bit using our labels and stars and all those goodies. As I've talked about before projects are a centerpiece for organization. This is where basically everything we do lives and then we have albums, sort of virtual collections of things and you can create new projects if you want.

It's really quite easy. You just go up to the New list here and create a new project. If you have items selected you can check those box and those selected items will go into the new project. Or you can just give your project a name. Click OK, and then we'll have a blank project and you can move things in to the blank project just by dragging and dropping just like that and now it lives here and if we go to Metadata we see that this movie has moved.

Then we go, well wait. I don't really want to do that I want it back where it was. So then you can just drag that item back, here it is here, and then you decide, well, I don't really need this project after all. You can just right-click on it and then Delete Project. If you have stuff in there Aperture will warn you, hey, you're going to throw this stuff away. Only delete projects if they're empty or if you're absolutely sure that you don't want the stuff that's in them. One other thing about projects.

This is new in Aperture 3. This is a big request. We can now move our projects around in the pane. They no longer just have to be in alphabetical order. So you can just click-and-drag a project to its new location in the Library pane. That is nice. A small thing. Again a very handy thing. Let's go to albums so you can create albums just as simply. We have a couple already Deer, Wild Mustard. We can do another album on tents.

I'm just going to hold down the Command key here and we'll just select these guys and then we'll go up here, we'll go to New Album. We'll call it Tents, Add selected items to the new album, and off we go. Now we have an album of Tents. If we were to delete one of these items from this album, it does not delete it from the project. Only from this virtual collection. As you rate the things, as you label things, you may decide that you want to put them in albums.

We're going to talk about Smart Albums in an upcoming movie and that's handy, because that adds a level of automation to all of this. But these two basic containers can really help you organize your Aperture library and if you get a whole bunch of albums in a project, you can collapse that and open it, and then you can put all your projects in a folder. So let's get on to actually rating and labeling the images. That's coming up next.

Creating projects and albums
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Creating projects and albums provides you with in-depth training on Photography. Taught by Derrick Story as part of the Aperture 3 Essential Training (2012)

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