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Comparing iPhoto and Aperture library organization

We're going to take a look at how Aperture and iPhoto organize their libraries. And the main reason for doing this is so that you'll feel confident opening your library in either application and you won't get lost. So, right now we're in iPhoto and we have a library open. And I've just created some elements here. I have an event called, Carpinteria. And I created a few albums Starfish, Tide, and I created a smart album also; a smart album that displays images that are rated with 3 Stars or More and I created a little slideshow.

So, we have a slideshow here also that we can play. The main reason why I'm showing you these elements is, these are the basic elements that most of us use to organize and let's say that you want to take your iPhoto library and you want to open in Aperture to do some Apertures work. How will that translate? Well, let me show you. So, the first thing I have to do, of course, is I have to quit iPhoto because a library cannot be open in two applications at the same time and now, I'm going to go here and I'm going to use the Open With.

I did a Ctrl+Click and instead of iPhoto, I'm going to open that same library in Aperture. And here, we are now in the Aperture interface with the same amount of content. So now, we have the same library open in Aperture and we've actually superimposed the iPhoto organization here on the screen so you can actually see how they compare and they're very similar.

They've done a good job of retaining the basic organizational elements here. Now, one difference is that, what is PROJECTS in Aperture is EVENTS in iPhoto, but we have our ALBUMS, here. We have our smart album and we have our movie. So, the biggest difference really is the difference in name between EVENTS and PROJECTS. They are essentially the same thing and they've just translate different in the two applications.

For instance, though, ALBUMS, now if I click on ALBUMS, we have the same images in our albums that we had when this was open and created in iPhoto. Now, when I click on Movie, we're going to get a message here. This original slideshow was created in iPhoto; Aperture can open the slideshow, but it's going to give you a message here. And basically, what it's telling us is that, if I do any editing to the Slideshow in Aperture, then that's it.

It becomes an Aperture slideshow. I can't go back and edit it again in iPhoto. So, if I want to retain the ability to edit my slideshow that was originally created in iPhoto, don't edit it in Aperture, but I can watch it in Aperture. So, it's just one of those little quirks that you have to keep in mind. But other than that, if I wanted to play the slideshow right now, I could and watch it and it would play back just fine. So, let's switch gears here and let's look at a Library that was created in an Aperture, how it translates in iPhoto and you'll see that it's almost the same.

So, we'll quit Aperture right now. Let's just go to our regular Aperture Library. Just double-click on that we'll get our family portraits. Again, we have a Project instead of an Event. This time I added a folder, which is a nice organizational element that we have in Aperture, and I put a couple albums in there and we're just going to change our view here on these albums. So, we have a couple of different albums here inside this folder and then I have an album outside of the folder.

I created a smart album that is tagging flagged images, and I have a slideshow, okay. So, let's quit Aperture and let's see how all of this looks in iPhoto. So now, I'm going to Ctrl+ Click or right click on this. I'm going to open this in iPhoto. So now, we're opening an Aperture Library in iPhoto. Right away, we get the message; The slideshow was edited in Aperture so they are letting us know about that; here's our events, right.

It was a project before, now it's event. But look, the folder came over; the albums inside the folder came over, the smart album came over, and the slideshow came over. So, the organization really does translate as you move from one application to the other. The biggest difference really is that PROJECTS in Aperture are called EVENTS in iPhoto.

Comparing iPhoto and Aperture library organization
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Comparing iPhoto and Aperture library organization provides you with in-depth training on Photography. Taught by Derrick Story as part of the Using iPhoto and Aperture Together

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