Aperture 3 Essential Training (2012)

with Derrick Story
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Aperture 3 Essential Training (2012)
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This course covers the entire photographic workflow in Apple Aperture, from import to enhancement to output. Author Derrick Story covers organizing image collections with star ratings, labels, and Smart Albums, and using the image editing tools to adjust exposure, retouch flaws, and correct color balance issues. And one of the most noteworthy features in Aperture is explored in detail: its ability to store video clips alongside the stills from digital cameras, then combine them to create stunning multimedia slideshows.

This course was updated on 10/03/12. Updated movies cover the features added through version 3.3, including Retina display support, iCloud photo sharing, streamlined integration with iPhoto, and much more.

Topics include:
  • Importing images from a digital camera or hard drive
  • Adding metadata to photos including captions and copyright
  • Organizing photos using face recognition
  • Running Aperture Library First Aid
  • Retouching with Quick Brushes
  • Importing live images from an iPad or iPhone
  • Round-tripping between Aperture and Photoshop
  • Adding geo tags to mark photo locations
  • Managing movies
  • Creating a custom photo book
  • Publishing a web gallery
  • Uploading images to Flickr and Facebook
  • Archiving and restoring photo libraries
  • Controlling Photo Stream in Aperture


- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Derrick Story and welcome to Aperture 3 Essential Training. We have updated our training to 3.3. Apple has updated some features and added others. We've replaced only those movies for features that have changed. What this means is that the remaining movies will show original interface, but their underlying functionality will be the same. In this course, we'll begin with a discussion of system requirements. We'll take a look at preferences and other basic aspects, importing and tagging photos and different ways to view those photos, then see how you can organize and retrieve your pictures.

I'll show you how to crop and retouch pictures, adjust the colors, and apply effects, like Vignette and Black and White. Finally, we'll come to the chapter on what's new in version 3.3, such as advanced white balance and how to customize it, connecting with Photo Stream, and cooperating with iPhoto. There's a lot to see. So, let's get going with Aperture 3 Essential Training.

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