Creative Slideshows with Aperture

with Richard Harrington
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Creative Slideshows with Aperture
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This course shows how to use Apple Aperture to quickly and efficiently create a slideshow to impress any audience, from family and friends to colleagues and potential clients. The course covers organizing and sorting slides; picking a visual theme and a music track; adding text, images, and video; inserting transitions between slides; and sharing a slideshow on the web, via Keynote or PowerPoint, and on mobile devices.

Topics include:
  • Rating and sorting images
  • Creating a Smart Album
  • Creating a slideshow with a preset
  • Adding a secondary audio track
  • Adjusting Ken Burns moves for individual slides
  • Trimming a video clip
  • Customizing transitions
  • Timing transitions to music
  • Playing back from Aperture
  • Exporting slideshows


- Hi, my name is Rich Harrington and today I'd like to show you how to get more done with Apple Aperture, specifically creating slideshows. Now, slideshows are a fun way to share your images with friends and family, and if you're a professional photographer, it's an essential way to get feedback on your images and allows you to make presentations to prospective clients or other students. Slideshows in Aperture are fun and easy and you're gonna find today that you can use easy presets or completely customize whatever you'd like to accomplish.

We've got a lot to cover, so I'd like to welcome you and let's jump right in.

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