Photo Assignment: Natural Light Portraits

with Derrick Story
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Photo Assignment: Natural Light Portraits
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Photo Assignment: Natural Light Portraits is an interactive video course, where participating photographers can have their work reviewed. Professional shooter Derrick Story shows how to capture beautiful, illuminated portraits with natural daylight, and shares tricks for how to get fantastic shots even when the light is not so great. Derrick teaches how to work with photo disc light modifiers to bounce in light to areas that need it. He also explains how to use shade, when it's available, for a completely different look. At the end of the course, Derrick describes how to upload photos to Flickr for review and comment.

Natural Light Portrait Photo Assignment Flickr Discussion Group



(light piano music) - Hi, I'm Derrick Story and welcome to the natural light portrait photo assignment. I have some great stuff for you today. I'm gonna start out here at the computer and I'm gonna show you some techniques for effective natural light portraits. Then we're gonna go out into the field where we're gonna do a model shoot where we use those techniques. Now some of them will work better than others and we'll find out how all that shakes out when we come back to the computer and we look at those images from that model shoot.

Now here's the best part. Once we've done all that you're gonna go take your own natural light portraits. And we have a place for you to share them with other people. We're gonna create a Flickr public group where you can post your shots. Other people can post their shots and then we can all talk about it. So this is gonna be a lot of fun. Let's get started and learn about natural light portraits.

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