Photo Assignment: Fill Flash Portraits

with Derrick Story
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Photo Assignment: Fill Flash Portraits
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Photo Assignment: Fill Flash Portraits is an interactive video course, where participants learn how to augment outdoor lighting with a typical flash. Derrick Story shows how to use professional techniques to take great shots in a variety of situations, including full sun, partial shade, or even with odd cross-shadows. Derrick teaches how to create clean, natural-looking portraits even when the sun is at the worst possible angle. At the end of the course, Derrick describes how to upload photos to Flickr for review and comment.

Fill Flash Portrait Photo Assignment Flickr Discussion Group



(Music Playing) Hi! I am Derrick Story and welcome to the Fill Flash Portrait Photo Assignment. I have lots of great stuff to show you today. I am going to start out on the computer and I am going to show you some fill-flash techniques, stuff that wedding photographers and event shooters have been using for a long time. Then we will go out into the field with a model and do a fill-flash shoot. We will put those techniques into play and so you could see how they work. Then we will come back to the computer and analyze what we have done.

Then you will be ready to make your own fill-flash portraits and we even have a place for you to share those, the public group on Flickr. You can post your pictures. You can look at pictures by other folks and then we can talk about it. So this is going to be a lot of fun. So let's gets started.

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Q: What is the make and model of the adjustable flash bracket the author is using in the Photo Assignment: Fill Flash Portraits chapter “The shoot”? Where can I purchase the same bracket?
A: Author Derrick Story is using the Stroboframe Quick Flip 350 Flash Bracket for 35mm cameras.
It is available at Amazon or B&H.
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