Photo Assignment: Backlit Portraits

with Derrick Story
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Photo Assignment: Backlit Portraits
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Photo Assignment: Backlit Portraits is an interactive video course in which participating photographers can view and discuss each other's work. Professional photographer Derrick Story shows how to make onsite adjustments in a portrait shoot where backlighting is predominant. He teaches how to work with reflectors to bounce light into the areas that need it, and he explains how to use spot metering to control the exposure for the subject's face. At the end of the course, Derrick describes how to upload photos to Flickr for review and comment.

Backlit Portrait Photo Assignment Flickr Discussion Group



(upbeat piano music) - Hi, I'm Derrick Story, and welcome to the Backlit Portrait Photo Assignment. This is a little counter intuitive, we're actually gonna put the light behind the subject, illuminating the hair and the shoulders, and then try to make a very nice portrait where the eyes and the smile and everything are all very clear, a little bit of a challenge. So I'm gonna start out by showing you some techniques here on the computer, things that work and maybe things that don't work so well. Then we're gonna go out into the field and we're gonna do an actual model shoot, putting these techniques into practice.

Once we do that, I'm gonna come back to the computer, and I'm gonna show you how that shoot went here on the screen. We'll analyze it, we'll see the good things, the bad things, and then that way you'll know what to do when you go out into the field because that's the next part of the assignment. For you to actually go take a backlit portrait. Then we'll share them on Flickr, we have a Flickr public group set up just for you, you can share your photos, and look at photos from other folks. Great time, so let's get started.

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