Aperture 1.5 Beyond the Basics

with Scott Bourne and Derrick Story
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Aperture 1.5 Beyond the Basics
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Professional and amateur photographers alike can take advantage of the advanced photo management tools in Aperture--from organization to editing to output. In Aperture 1.5 Beyond the Basics, instructors Scott Bourne and Derrick Story teach users how to manipulate photos with the Color Adjustment tool, sharpen edges, and create preset adjustments and file settings for efficient editing and grouping. The training also details how to use the extensive metadata and organizational features in Aperture for smart photo sorting and presentation.

Topics include:
  • Learning the new features in the latest version of Aperture
  • Understanding Aperture workflow essentials
  • Importing images
  • Exporting metadata and XMP sidecar data
  • Using the loupe for noise reduction and sharpening
  • Working with third party plug-ins
  • Extending Aperture using Automator


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