Animating Characters in Toon Boom Animate

with Tony Ross
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Animating Characters in Toon Boom Animate
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This course is an introduction to creating and animating cutout characters in Toon Boom Animate. Author Tony Ross shows how to use the Toon Boom toolset to create cutout characters, and explains how to leverage a few rules of traditional animation to help bring the characters to life. He shows how to create mouth shapes for dialogue, add realistic eye movement, and animate a full cycle. The final chapter shows how to create foreground and backgrounds for your character and export a simple, animated scene.

Topics include:
  • Working with the timeline
  • Customizing your workspace
  • Importing images to use as the basis for an animation
  • Understanding how pen pressure affects brush strokes
  • Adding color with swatches
  • Creating multiple versions of a single character
  • Drawing the head and body
  • Creating phonemes for lip sync
  • Rigging your character
  • Using motion keyframes
  • Creating pegs
  • Animating the legs and arms
  • Importing and editing sound
  • Using squash and stretch and other animation principles
  • Saving your character as a template
3D + Animation


- Hey, this is Tony Ross, and welcome to Animating Characters in Toon Boom Animate. In this course, I'll show you how to create and animate your own characters. The focus of this course is on cutout, or limited animation, and my goal is to get you animating quickly. We'll start by covering the differences between cutout and full animation. Then we'll draw the pieces of our character inside Animate, and then connect them to form our figure. Once we have the character together, we'll explore how to use Toon Boom's tools to make it move in a convincing way.

Building a walk cycle is one of the toughest things to do convincingly, but I'll show you a few shortcuts to make the walk look realistic. After we have the character moving, we'll add sound and voice and even insert it into a background. We'll also go over traditional principles of animation, such as squash, stretch, anticipation and follow through, and how to apply these principles in Animate to push the illusion of life in your characters. So welcome, and let's get started animating our characters in Toon Boom Animate.

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