Up and Running with Java Applications (2012)

with Todd Perkins
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Up and Running with Java Applications (2012)
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This course is an introduction to developing Java applications for various runtime environments. Author Todd Perkins explains how to configure the development environment, connect a web application to a MySQL database, and build a user interface with the Swing framework. The course also covers publishing applets in a web browser, working with XML data, and creating apps for Android devices.

Topics include:
  • Working with Eclipse
  • Using MySQL database drivers
  • Displaying data from a database as XML
  • Loading XML data from the web
  • Displaying data based on user input
  • Publishing a desktop application
  • Understanding applets
  • Building the layout
  • Viewing the app on an Android device
Developer Web
Android Java Tomcat


- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Todd Perkins. Welcome to Up and Running with Java Applications. If you're just beginning to learn Java, and you feel comfortable with the language but don't know how to build an app or what you can do with Java, this is the course for you. Throughout this course, you'll see how you can use Java to develop back-end web applications, front-end web applications, desktop apps, and even an Android app. So, we'll tour the most common uses of Java today, and you'll see how to build and publish these applications on your own.

And now, we'll move forward with Up and Running with Java Applications.

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