Developing Applications for Amazon Kindle Devices

with Lee Brimelow
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Developing Applications for Amazon Kindle Devices
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In this course, Lee Brimelow introduces the Kindle Store and explains how to take your existing applications and tailor them to the Kindle environment. Learn about the three key APIs unique to Kindle: In-App Purchasing for selling digital content and subscriptions, GameCircle for creating leaderboards and registering achievements, and Maps, which adds interactive maps to most Kindle Fire tablets.

The course also covers multiscreen development and testing with the Kindle Emulator, as well as actual deployment to the Kindle store.

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- [Voiceover] Welcome to Developing Applications for Amazon Kindle Devices. My name is Lee Brimelow, and in this course, you will be learning all about how to develop Android applications that take advantage of the various Amazon-specific APIs that are available for Kindle devices. You'll learn things like how to integrate in-app purchasing, allowing your users to seamlessly buy things directly inside your application. Now if you're interested in building games, I'll be covering how to add global leader boards and achievements and I'll be covering the Amazon Maps API, allowing you to add location-aware mapping into your apps.

You'll learn how to adapt and optimize your application for the different Kindle device models, such as the Kindle Fire and the Kindle Fire HD. Finally, I'll cover how to actually publish your applications to the Amazon app store. So after finishing this course, you should have an excellent understanding of how to develop applications for Amazon Kindle devices.

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