Connecting Android Apps to RESTful Web Services

with David Gassner
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Connecting Android Apps to RESTful Web Services
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Android apps need data, and many use RESTful services (at their heart, simple HTTP networking calls) to get and send data over the web. This course teaches developers how to integrate Android apps with cloud-based storage networks, and use RESTful web requests to access data from them. The course concentrates on the different ways of making requests with the built-in classes in the Android SDK, but also provides an overview of popular open-source networking libraries, including OkHttp, Retrofit, and Google's new Volley library, all of which you can easily incorporate into your own projects. David Gassner will describe how to retrieve content with simple GET and POST requests, parse the responses, and pass user credentials to services that support HTTP basic authentication. He'll also show you how to send parameters with your requests and format POST requests with JSON.

Topics include:
  • Working with background threads
  • Defining background tasks
  • Requesting content with HTTP requests
  • Parsing web service responses
  • Downloading data, including images
  • Sending HTTP parameters to the server
  • Using higher-level client libraries like Volley and OkHttp
  • Managing an app's networking abilities


(upbeat music) - [Voiceover] My name is David Gassner and this is Connecting Android Apps to RESTful Web Services. In this course, I'll start by showing you how to retrieve content from web services first using simple get requests to work with services that return data in XML and JSON formats. I'll describe different ways of making these requests using built in classes in the Android STK and open source libraries that you can freely incorporate into your projects.

I'll then describe how to make more complex requests including authenticating requests with secured services, sending parameters in get and post requests and formatting post requests in JSON. I hope this course helps you get started working with Android's networking capabilities.

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