Building a Note-Taking App for Android (2013)

with David Gassner
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Building a Note-Taking App for Android (2013)
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Building an app for one platform just isn't good enough anymore. Android, Windows, and iOS support are all required for a successful product—but learning the different environments is difficult. This course is one of a matched set spanning the three platforms and will demonstrate their similarities and differences. Start with the product most familiar to you, then watch the parallel courses to understand how to bridge your knowledge.

Like its companions, this course will take you through building a complete mobile app from scratch; but this installment uses the Android SDK and Java to get the job done. Author David Gassner shows you how to install the SDK and the Android Developer Toolkit, create a project, save data on a device, build and control screen layouts, and create action bars and icons that control navigation.

These three related courses will use the same assets to develop the same app. (See Building a Note-Taking App for iOS and Building a Note-Taking App for Windows Phone 8 and Windows Store for more information.) Compare and contrast the different steps and discover the similarities and differences!

Topics include:
  • Previewing the note-taking app
  • Creating virtual devices for testing
  • Unique concepts in Android
  • Creating the Eclipse project
  • Using local data storage
  • Adding and retrieving data with the Shared Preferences API
  • Creating screen designs
  • Creating and editing notes
  • Supporting older versions of Android with ActionBarSherlock


- [Voiceover] My name is David Gassner, and this is Building a Note-Taking App for Android. In this project course, I'll show you how to create a complete mobile app from scratch using the Adroid SDK and the Java programming language. After installing Eclipse and the Android developer tools, and creating a starting project, I'll show you how to save data to a device's Persistent Storage with the Shared Preferences API. I'll then show how to create the app's Two Screen Layouts, and create the Java classes that control them.

I'll create action bars, and icons that control navigation, and show how to make the app work well on multiple versions of Android. This is one of three courses that describe how to build a note-taking app for mobile devices. The others are for IOS and Windows Phone Eight. I hope this course gives you the information you need to start building your app for Android.

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