Android Studio First Look

with David Gassner
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Android Studio First Look
Video duration: 0s 2h 22m Beginner Updated Aug 20, 2014


There is a new IDE on the horizon for Android developers, Android Studio, and it's faster and easier to navigate than the current Eclipse-based Android Developer Tools plugin. Get a first look at Android Studio before its official release, here in this course with David Gassner. David shows how to install Android Studio on both Windows and Mac; create new projects and migrate existing ones from Eclipse; navigate and configure the user interface; and build and export Android apps. Plus, learn how to manage and automate your Android project builds with Gradle.

Note: This course was revised on 8/20/2014 to reflect changes in the .0.8.4 beta version of Android Studio.

Topics include:
  • Exploring Android Studio and IntelliJ IDEA
  • Installing Android Studio
  • Creating projects with Android Studio
  • Navigating the user interface
  • Designing activity layouts
  • Analyzing and refactoring code
  • Debugging and packaging apps


- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm David Gassner and welcome to Android Studio First Look. In this course I'll introduce you to Android Studio, Google's IDE of the future for Android app development. First I'll describe how to install Android Studio and where to find the Android SDK and other critical resources after installation. Then I'll take you on a tour of the user interface. Managing files and folders and working with menus tool bars and tool windows.

I'll show you how to use shortcuts for writing and refactoring code. And how to use the debugging tools with break points, watch variables, and more. And finally I'll describe how to package a completed Android app for distribution. When this course was first created, Android Studio was available as an early access preview. The course has now been updated to cover the product's beta through version 0.8.4. But Android Studio is already providing a solid platform for Android developers.

I hope that this introduction helps you get started with it quickly.

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