Android SDK: Local Data Storage

with David Gassner
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Android SDK: Local Data Storage
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Take your Android programming skills to the next level with the Android built-in framework that enables local data management in text files and SQLite-based relational databases. This course shows you how to create datacentric apps for Android devices, using SQLite, Java, and the built-in android.database packages. Author David Gassner describes how to define shared preferences, work with JSON and XML files in internal and external data stores, and create new local SQLite databases.

Topics include:
  • Exploring local data storage options
  • Creating an Android virtual device
  • Starting a new project
  • Defining preferences with Java and activities
  • Creating and reading JSON and XML data files
  • Creating a new SQLite database
  • Inserting and retrieving data in the database
Android Java


- [Voiceover] My name is David Gassner, and I'd like to welcome you to Android SDK, local data storage. This video series shows you how to create data-centric apps for Android devices. I'll start with SharedPreferences. Simple key-value pairs, that are stored persistently. I'll then describe how to create files in internal and external persistent storage, and how to manage JSON and XML data files. And then I'll show you how to create SQLite relational databases.

Using interfaces and classes that are provided with the Android SDK. I hope that this course will help you improve your Android programming skills, and get you ready to build data-centric Android apps.

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