Up and Running with Adobe Reports and Analytics

with David Booth
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Up and Running with Adobe Reports and Analytics
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Adobe Analytics is a powerful analytics package for measuring the performance of websites and marketing campaigns, and this course will help you quickly put it to work for you. Starting with a brief overview of key concepts, analytics expert David Booth explores the reports, dashboards, and tools of Adobe Analytics, and shows how to set up and track campaigns and how to best leverage Report Builder. He'll also show how to create and interpret mobile, video, path, visitor profile, retention, and other popular reports, and use the powerful custom segments and calculated metrics features.

Topics include:
  • Understanding conversion and traffic variables
  • Using metric and item-level reports
  • Building and sharing dashboards
  • Creating and using calculated metrics
  • Setting targets and alerts
  • Working with ecommerce reports
  • Tracking campaigns and leveraging marketing attribution
  • Getting data into Excel with Report Builder


(electronic dinging beat) Hi. I'm Dave Booth, and this is Up and Running with Adobe Reports and Analytics. As one of the most prevalent analytics tools across the enterprise, Adobe Analytics and the larger marketing cloud provide a powerful tool set to drive, analyze, and take action across your digital footprint. Reports and analytics is the focus of this course, and this is where you'll likely be spending a lot of time doing analysis on the pages of your web properties or the performance of your marketing campaigns.

We'll look at the various types of reports and user interface features, some best practices around visualizing and sharing all this data with decision makers, and even additional functionality like custom segments, calculated metrics, and more that can help you dive even deeper into the data. We'll walk through many of the key reports, highlighting specific areas where the reports can help you make better decisions around your business goals, and we'll even take a look at Report Builder, a tool that can bring all this great data into Microsoft Excel for further analysis and reporting.

So get ready and after finishing this course, you'll be Up and Running with Adobe Reports and Analytics.

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