iPad Music Production: AmpliTube

with Garrick Chow
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iPad Music Production: AmpliTube
Video duration: 0s 1h 46m Beginner Updated Aug 09, 2013


Join author and musician Garrick Chow as he introduces AmpliTube, a studio-quality app that turns your iPad into a mobile studio for recording a collection of classic and modern guitar sounds. After plugging in and configuring the necessary inputs and connections, the course shows how to use the built-in tuner to make sure your instrument's sounding its best, and keep in time with the metronome. Garrick then demonstrates how to choose the amp models, cabinets, and up to four stomp boxes to create your own unique tones, and work with the 8-track recorder's "reel to reel" interface during the performance. Finally, discover how to mix down and bounce out your song for sharing with friends, family, and other audiophiles.

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Topics include:
  • Setting up inputs
  • Using the tuner
  • Demoing amp and FX settings
  • Choosing an amp and cabinet
  • Saving favorite amps and presets
  • Importing songs to play along with
  • Using effects and sends
  • Mixing
  • Exporting your song
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- Hi, I'm Garrick Chow, and welcome to another title in our series on iPad music production. In this course, we're looking at AmpliTube from IK Multimedia, an app that lets you play your guitar through your iPad and dial in, and record a virtually unlimited selection of classic and modern guitar sounds. We'll start by looking at how to set up and connect your guitar, or bass to your iPad. (electric guitar note) And then how to use built-in tools, like the tuner and the metronome. From there, I'll show you how to experiment with sounds, by changing amp, cabinet, and microphone settings.

(electric guitar strum) Once we have our sounds dialed in, we'll look at how to record with AmpliTube's eight track recorder. (electric guitar chords) And finally, you'll see how to mix down and export your song to share with others. (rock and roll chords) If you're a guitar player, you're going to love the incredibly diverse selection of sounds and tools that are packed into the single studio-quality app. So, let's get started with iPad Music Production, Amplitube.

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