After Effects Project Workflow

with Chad Perkins
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After Effects Project Workflow
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Understanding how a post-production application like After Effects fits within a larger workflow can be valuable. After Effects Project Workflow shows how to integrate the various parts of the Adobe Production Premium suite and other applications with After Effects in a real-world project. Adobe Certified Instructor and Expert Chad Perkins explores this integration as he creates an interesting project, building with static images, animation, sound, particles, video effects, and 3D elements to produce an impressive final project. Chad explains the creative process from paper to final project, and shows all the steps in between. Exercise files accompany this course.

Topics include:
  • Planning a project in pre-production
  • Creating a 3D robot in Cinema 4D
  • Using kuler to establish a color palette
  • Learning how to design a motion graphics project from an artistic perspective
  • Preparing Photoshop and Illustrator content for animation in After Effects
  • Using color to stylize and unify visual elements
After Effects


(upbeat music) - [Voiceover] Hello, I'm Chad Perkins and this is the After Effects Project Workflow. In this course, we're gonna build a real world motion graphics project from a bunch of different files using a bunch of different applications. We'll create the layout using images from Photoshop, graphics from Illustrator, and 3D elements from Cinema 4D. Then we'll animate all the pieces, arranging them in 3D space, and using the tools and after effects to make them do exactly what we want them to do. After that, we'll put the finishing touches on, color correcting the final bumper, and even composing an original soundtrack.

This is going to be a blast, so let's get started with After Effects Project Workflow.

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