Learning the After Effects Glow Plug-In

with Chris Meyer and Trish Meyer
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Learning the After Effects Glow Plug-In
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Learning the After Effects Glow Plug-In was created and produced by Trish and Chris Meyer. We are honored to host their material in the lynda.com Online Training Library®.

Many designers love hot, glowing looks. However, the After Effects Glow plug-in is only available in the Professional edition, and it is not always intuitive to use. In this training, instructors Trish and Chris Meyer demonstrate how to use the Glow plug-in to get two different looks: "inside" glows for full-frame footage, and "outside" glows for haloes or auras around text, logos, or any other object with an alpha channel. They also teach a quick and easy way to get glow-like halos for those who do not have the Professional edition.

Topics include:
  • Working with glow parameters, Glow Radius, and Glow Threshold Tweaking the glow, glowing text, and directional glow
After Effects

Glows for full-frame footage

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