After Effects: Light Transmission

with Chris Meyer and Trish Meyer
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After Effects: Light Transmission
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After Effects: Light Transmission was created and produced by Trish and Chris Meyer. We are honored to host their material in the Online Training Library®.

Projecting one 3D layer onto another is useful for creating film and video projections as well as stained glass effects. In After Effects: Light Transmission, instructor Chris Meyer demonstrates the required steps, including mastering shadows and the Light Transmission parameter. He teaches numerous tips and tricks for building 3D worlds (including using seamless tiles), grouping together layers and lights, softening or sharpening projections, and using "negative light" to remove unwanted light leaks from a scene.

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Hi! I'm Chris Meyer of Crish Design and I'd like to show you how to take one 3D layer and project it onto other layers in After Effects as if it came from a film projector or a video projector or from the stained glass window. This technique requires learning how to cast shadows and how to use the little known Light Transmission parameter inside After Effects. Along the way we'll be touching on the things such as how to create 3D worlds, how to use seamless tiles to build walls to go on forever, how to make shadows softer or sharper and even the other tricks by getting rid of light leaks around your projected image.

So, let's dive in, I hope you enjoy it.

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