VFX Techniques: Crowd Replication with After Effects

with Lee Lanier
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VFX Techniques: Crowd Replication with After Effects
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VFX Techniques introduces common yet critical visual effects techniques that are used in film and television shows on a regular basis. This installment shows how to simulate a large crowd by combining live-action footage of a small group of people, 3D renders, and Adobe Photoshop artwork—transforming an otherwise empty building into a rapt audience. Author Lee Lanier uses After Effects to set up image sequences, apply motion tracking to match the motion of the original camera, and key green-screen footage. Finally, you'll learn how to make all the elements cohesive with color correction and lighting techniques.

Topics include:
  • Setting up your project
  • Removing camera jitter
  • Motion tracking CG renders
  • Creating light effects
  • Keying with Keylight
  • Solving bad matte edges
  • Rotoscoping green screen footage
  • Color grading to match elements
  • Relighting the scene
After Effects


- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Lee Lanier and welcome to VFX Techniques: Crowd Replication with After Effects. In this course we'll combine video footage, 3D renders and Photoshop artwork and After Effects to create a complex visual effects shot. This will turn an otherwise empty warehouse into a space filled with a large crowd. - And you can be proud of the contributions you've made in engineering, developing (applause) and manufacturing the zero loss system. - [Voiceover] I'll start by showing you how to set up an After Effects project and import image sequences.

Then I'll show you how to apply motion tracking to renders, video footage and static artwork so that all the elements follow the motion of the original camera. We'll see how the key green screen footage to place actors in the scene. This includes color greying the crowd and relighting the environment. Now let's get started with VFX Techniques: Crowd Replication with After Effects.

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