Premiere Pro and After Effects: Creating Title Graphics

with Chris Meyer and Trish Meyer
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Premiere Pro and After Effects: Creating Title Graphics
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In this short course, author Chris Meyer demonstrates creating refined lower-third title graphics for Premiere Pro using After Effects. The course covers building and modifying text animation presets, using shape layers to create graphic elements, and establishing dynamic connections between After Effects and Premiere Pro using the Dynamic Link feature. The course also includes design and workflow suggestions.

Topics include:
  • Copying clips from Premiere Pro to After Effects
  • Creating a lower-third bar in After Effects
  • Making shape layers with gradient fills
  • Improving readability and re-using elements
  • Combining layer styles and effects to enhance the final look
After Effects Premiere Pro


- Hi, I'm Chris Meyer of Chris Design, and I'd like to share with Premiere Pro users how to use my favorite tool, After Effects, to extend the capabilities of Premiere. To do so, we're going to use a very simple example using After Effects to create some nice Lower Third bars for a project in Premiere. We'll start with different approaches to get clips from Premiere into After Effects using Shape Layers and Linear Gradient Fills in After Effects to create that Lower Third's bar. Applying Layer Styles and Effects to stylize the bar. Creating text, using Text Animation Presets to create some fun movement.

Improving the readability of the text, and how to reuse your work on other clips. We'll then take advantage of Adobe Dynamic Link to bring your After Effects work back into premier but still be able to update it live inside After Effects. To take advantage of Dynamic Link between Premiere Pro and After Effects, you'll need to have, either the Production Premium or Master Collection suites. Now, I happen to be using After Effects and Premiere Pro CS5.5, but everything I'm going to show you works all the way back to CS 3. And even if you just have After Effects, I think you'll pick up useful tips on how to use these features and how to think about your design when you're creating nice lower thirds.

So without further ado, let's dive into Premiere and get our files into After Effects.

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