Practical Motion Background Workshop

with Richard Harrington
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Practical Motion Background Workshop
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Motion graphics production isn't limited to the digital world. This course takes you back into the studio to create custom motion backgrounds. Learn about lighting, staging, and filming everyday objects, which become an interesting, naturalistic footing for your motion effects. Author Rich Harrington shares techniques he uses in his own studio, RHED Pixel, to capture this footage and combine it with effects in popular postproduction tools like Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro, resulting in rich, abstract backdrops for your project.

This course was created and produced by Rich Harrington. is proud to host this content in our library.

Topics include:
  • Selecting a camera
  • Using a turntable to rotate your subject while you film
  • Lighting the scene
  • Choosing a frame rate
  • Creating dancing shadows
  • Shooting "through" objects
  • Making a loop
  • Building the composition
  • Retiming clips
  • Rendering the background
After Effects Premiere Pro


(music playing) Hi! My name is Richard Harrington and today I'm going to be sharing with you some techniques that I use in my studio, RHED Pixel. We do a lot of motion graphics work; however, we're big fans in our studio of integrating organic and natural elements. Now, before you turn off the channel and say, "I'm not a motion graphics person," this is for just about anybody: photographers, motion graphic artists, video editors, those of you look in just for a fun project for a rainy afternoon or the day that the client calls and cancels the job.

What we're going to today is take a look at using cameras to capture footage plates and then we're going to combine that with a little bit of postproduction using popular software tools to make rich abstract backdrops. Now, you could use these for a wide range of projects. It's totally up to you how you implement it. But the whole thing is a lot of fun. So, thanks for joining me, and let's start to explore the process.

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