Mograph Techniques: Retiming and Tracking Footage

with Ian Robinson
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Mograph Techniques: Retiming and Tracking Footage
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Learn to add motion graphics and color effects to your footage, and retime the results. Author Ian Robinson starts with isolating and building the base composition and tracking the footage with mocha AE, and then integrates motion graphics that reinforce the narration. He also shows how to color correct and retime your composite, whether it includes media shot at normal frame rates or over and undercranked footage.

Topics include:
  • Analyzing a rough cut
  • Tracking with mocha
  • Adding and animating spheres
  • Creating an animated logo with particles
  • Adding dynamic motion
  • Color correcting the back plate
  • Blending particles emitters
  • Retiming layers with prerenders
  • Adjusting speed with Timewarp
After Effects Particular


- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Ian Robinson. And welcome to Mograph Techniques: Retiming and Tracking Footage. In this course, we'll explore a real-world workflow where we'll be creating several different graphic builds used to create a finished commercial. To build these graphics, we'll look at several different ways to track footage so you can make your graphics move with the elements in the scene. We'll explore how and when to use mocha AE for planar tracking, as well as how to turn a simple, single-point track into 3D data so you can later create 3D graphics using Trapcode Particular.

Then we'll look at some color correction and compositing techniques, using everything from the Roto Brush to isolate elements from their background, to Trapcode Starglow to give your graphics that bright, shiny look. Finally, we'll apply some retiming effects so our finished clips can be edited back into our commercial. So let's get started with Mograph Techniques: Retiming and Tracking Footage.

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