Mograph Techniques: Modeling and Animating with C4D Cloners

with Ian Robinson
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Mograph Techniques: Modeling and Animating with C4D Cloners
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In this installment of Mograph Techniques, Ian Robinson shows you how to model and animate a stylized 3D flower that grows and blooms over time, using the combined power of CINEMA 4D and Adobe After Effects. You'll start by creating a single flower petal with traditional polygonal modeling techniques. Then you'll load the petal into a cloner object, and nest that cloner inside another, resulting in a complete flower with multiple levels of control for animation. The second phase is animating the cloners and refining the animation with the Step Effector. In the third and final phase, you'll bring the project into After Effects to add animated color effects, transitions, text, and shadows.

Topics include:
  • Modeling flower petals in C4D
  • Creating shaded materials in C4D
  • Building flowers with multiple cloner objects
  • Building a dynamic transition with camera animation
  • Multipass Rendering out of CINEMA 4D
  • Adding and animating color effects in After Effects
  • Refining transitions
  • Rendering the final composite
3D + Animation Video
After Effects CINEMA 4D


- [Voiceover] My name is Ian Robinson, and welcome to Mograph Techniques: Modeling and Animating with Cinema 4D Cloners. (upbeat electronic music) During this course, we'll model and animate a stylized 3D flower, starting off by creating one single flower petal using some traditional polygon modeling techniques. Then the real fun begins when we load that one petal into a cloner object and then multiply the complexity by loading that cloner into another cloner.

In turn, creating our flower. We'll learn how to animate the cloners through the different levels of the build, and polish that animation by using the step effector. But the project isn't complete until we take that animation into After Effects. There, we'll learn how to add color to our cloners, animate those colors, and finish up by tightening up the transitions between the different sections of our animation. So, let's get started modeling and animating with Cinema 4D Cloners.

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