Mograph Techniques: Fractured 3D Type

with Ian Robinson
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Mograph Techniques: Fractured 3D Type
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Clients want dynamic type that shatters, glows, and smokes. Type that explodes and knocks over the camera! Learn how to create this dynamic effect by combining CINEMA 4D render passes with some fine-tuning in After Effects. Ian Robinson shows how to model your type in C4D, fracture the text with the Random effector, shatter the letters with MoDynamics, and use the render passes to create glows in After Effects—without the use of global illumination. Plus, you'll learn how to use particle animation to make your text "smoke."

Topics include:
  • Modeling type in CINEMA 4D
  • Building fractured letters with the Thrausi plugin
  • Creating dynamic camera moves
  • Refining animation with MoDynamics, force, gravity & collisions
  • Adding lighting, glows, and reflections
  • Creating smoke with particles
After Effects CINEMA 4D


- [Voiceover] Hello, I'm Ian Robinson, and in this course we're going to cover how to create some glowing and smoking text. (text crashing) (text shattering) (loud thumping) I'm going to show you how we can shatter that text apart only to have the pieces bounce through the scene and finally knock the camera over. We'll cover some of the finer points of how to gain control of seemingly random dynamic actions, how to use render passes from Cinema 4D to create glows efficiently in After Effects without using global illumination.

Also, we'll use those same passes to create controlled particle animations using red giant particular. There's a ton of information to cover. Let's go ahead and get started.

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