Mograph Techniques: Creating a Product Endpage

with Ian Robinson
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Mograph Techniques: Creating a Product Endpage
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In this installment of Mograph Techniques, Ian Robinson shows how to mix live-action footage with 3D elements to create a product endpage for a commercial. First, Ian shows how to use After Effect's Camera Tracker to re-create the camera move on the backplate with a 3D camera. Then he jumps to CINEMA 4D to model, texture, and light the product. Ian demonstrates a multipass workflow in C4D that allows for more flexibility once the renders are brought back into AE. Finally, back in AE, you'll learn to composite the footage and add editable type and effects to the scene.

Topics include:
  • Importing and replacing footage
  • Tracking the camera
  • Sending tracking data to CINEMA 4D
  • Modeling a 3D version of your product
  • Lighting the model
  • Determining the render passes
  • Retiming and styling to match the edit
After Effects CINEMA 4D


- [Voiceover] Hello, I am Ian Robinson, and this is Mograph Techniques: Creating a Product Endpage. In this course, I'll take you through the steps required to create an endpage for our sports drink company, H+ Sport. We'll start by using the camera tracker in After Effects to track the camera move on our back plate. We'll then take that tracking data over into Cinema 4D, where we'll model, texture, and light a 3D bottle to place back into the scene. We'll also explore a traditional multi-pass workflow, generating different render passes out of Cinema 4D, for more flexibility when compositing inside of After Effects.

So, of course, we'll then dive into some details about creating our final composite in After Effects. So enough talking, let's start working and get busy creating our product endpage for H+ Sport.

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