Mograph Techniques: Animating to Music

with Ian Robinson
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Mograph Techniques: Animating to Music
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Harmonize your motion graphics with music. This project-based course shows how to complete two mograph assignments, a bumper graphic and identity spot, and explains how to transition the tools and techniques to your own projects. Author Ian Robinson starts in Adobe After Effects with Trapcode Sound Keys—isolating frequencies and creating related keyframes that allow you to drive properties like the position, rotation, or even the hue of an object. Then learn traditional editing techniques to transform a 3D animation into multiple pieces for the bumper, and migrate to CINEMA 4D and use the Sound Effector to resolve the logo for the identity spot.

Topics include:
  • Analyzing the music for inspiration
  • Adding markers
  • Animating graphics with Sound Keys
  • Using music to drive particle animation
  • Generating animated colors
  • Editing to music
  • Driving 3D graphics with sound
  • Rigging a mograph build
  • Building scene transitions
After Effects CINEMA 4D


- [Voiceover] Hello, I'm Ian Robinson and welcome to Mograph Techniques: Animating to Music. In this course we'll build two different kinds of graphics: a quick bumper element and an identity spot. (fast music) First we'll start in After Effects and use a plugin from Red Giant called Trapcode Sound Keys. With that tool we'll be able to isolate different frequencies of our music track and create key frames that we can use to drive any key frameable perimeter in our project.

For example, the position and or rotation of an object or even effect controls like the hue of a color effect. We'll cover some of the most fundamental aspects of animating music like traditional editing techniques to change a simple 3D animation into multiple key pieces for our graphic bumper. Then of course we'll explore how to use the sound effector in Cinema 4D to form our logo resolve of our final brand identity spot. So let's get started with Mograph Techniques: Animating to Music.

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