Kinetic Typography Techniques with After Effects

with Angie Taylor
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Kinetic Typography Techniques with After Effects
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Kinetic typography is an art form that combines text and motion to express ideas in the form of animation designed to accompany spoken word or music. Join art director, author, and motion graphic designer Angie Taylor as she shares her considerable knowledge of this form. Work along with her in this unique course as she builds a complete kinetic typography project from start to finish. Along the way, discover how to create and animate text layers directly within Adobe After Effects using animators and 3D features, set up Photoshop files for animating in After Effects, and use a variety of effects and techniques to create numerous text animation styles within a single project. The course also offers lots of tips and tricks for animating 3D cameras and lights and using expressions and scripts to simplify the processes involved.

Topics include:
  • Working with audio
  • Preparing source files
  • Structuring your After Effects project
  • Working with shapes and effects
  • Optimizing performance
  • Animating text
  • Creating 3D animation
  • Using expressions to create motion
  • Rendering your final movie
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- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Angie Taylor, art director, author and motion graphic designer. I Use Adobe After Effects daily for creating animations, motion graphic designs, visual effects and music videos. I'm often kept busy creating text animations for opening title sequences, credits and other graphics. I love the challenge of making text come to life onscreen. Now kinetic typography is an art form, combining text and motion to express ideas in the form of automation.

Usually, it's a spoken word on music. This workshop features an animation project I worked on in collaboration with artist and musician, Richard Walker. In this unique workshop, we'll build an entire real-world, kinetic typography project step-by-step. I'll share several of my techniques with you such as workflow specifically designed for kinetic typography using Photoshop variables and actions to automate text features, re-creating classic graphics with shape and text layers in After Effects and how to understand animators.

I'll show you some new 3-D features from After Effects CS 5.5 and how they can positively impact your designs. Lastly, I'll be covering more technical aspects of kinetic typography like automating tedious processes in Photoshop, building successful project structures, and creating efficient workflows in After Effects. You may be the type of learner who follows along step-by-step, practicing as you go; or you may prefer to just sit back and watch as I demonstrate tips and techniques.

Either choice works well with this course. All the files required to follow along are pre-provided for you. And once you've watched this workshop, your brain will just come alive with creative ideas on how you can design and animate text with Adobe's Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects.

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