Digital Matte Painting: Changing a Scene From Summer to Winter

with David Mattingly
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Digital Matte Painting: Changing a Scene From Summer to Winter
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In this course, well-known author, teacher, and illustrator David Mattingly demonstrates his production-proven matte painting techniques and shows how to turn a summer daytime scene into a wintry nightscape using Photoshop and After Effects. David shows how to take a plate, or a still shot from a film, and alter key elements to change the season and time of day. Using advance digital matte painting methods, David removes all of the greenery from the mountains, fields, and trees, and covers them with snow. Then he replaces the sky, and adds realistic touches such as chimney smoke, icicles, and night-lit windows. In the final chapters, you'll discover how to create an animated scene that cross-dissolves between the two versions.

Topics include:
  • Making precise selections using the Color Range command
  • Controlling reference material through layer masks
  • Creating custom brushes
  • Painting snow, icicles, and trees
  • Painting through a high-contrast matte
  • Replacing the sky in an image
  • Animating smoke and falling snow
  • Reformatting and rendering a scene in After Effects
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After Effects Photoshop


- [Voiceover] Hi, this is David Mattingly, author of the Digital Matte Painting handbook. For this digital matte painting tutorial we're going to take this plate showing an alpine chalet in the mountains and using some great digital matte painting techniques I'll demonstrate, take this from a summer scene to a winter scene. First, we're going to get rid of the grass in the foreground and replace it with a snow texture. Then, add snow to the foothills and winterize the mountains. Then we're going to add snow to the roof of the chalet and all of the shrubs surrounding it.

Next, replace the sky with two layers of new clouds and create a dusk version of the same scene, again, replacing the sky. Then we'll add a glow to the foothills, add lit windows to the chalet, and add some smoke rising up out of the chimney. Then, finally, we're going to create an animated version of this scene and after effects where we'll cross dissolve between the summer and winter versions. This may look like a lot of work, but using the advanced techniques I'll show you we'll do all of this from start to finish in real-time, in under two hours.

So, let's get started!

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