After Effects Guru: Working with Vectors

with Ian Robinson
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After Effects Guru: Working with Vectors
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Join Ian Robinson for a closer look at all of the different ways to animate vector graphics in Adobe After Effects. But rather than focusing on just the tools native to After Effects, he explores why you should consider integrating Photoshop and Illustrator into your vector motion-graphics workflow. Learn about time-saving vector creation tools native to each application, from the Custom Shape tool in Photoshop to the Blend tool in Illustrator. Ian also shows how to tie all of these elements together while exploring how to import and animate vectors in After Effects with shape layers and the dynamic effects Stroke and Vegas.

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Topics include:
  • Analyzing how vectors behave across the Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Animating titles from Photoshop
  • Creating custom type from Illustrator
  • Importing and copying vectors from Illustrator into After Effects
  • Animating with shape layers
  • Timing animation vectors
After Effects Illustrator Photoshop


- Hi, I'm Ian Robinson and this is AE Guru Working with Vectors. In this course we're gonna work with what I like to call the holy trinity of Adobe Creative Cloud. Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects. We're going to analyze how to work with vector graphics in each of these different applications. And of course we'll cover some of the little hurdles that we'll have to go through to understand exactly how these different applications communicate with each other. So come along and let's get started with AE Guru Working with Vectors.

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