After Effects Artist in Action: Eran Stern's Broadcast Design

with Eran Stern
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After Effects Artist in Action: Eran Stern's Broadcast Design
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Work along with motion graphics artist Eran Stern in this course, as he uses After Adobe Affects and Illustrator to create a TV broadcast promo from concept to design. Eran shows how to build compelling broadcast graphics, tell a short story with huge impact, and create a graphic package for a special sports event by harnessing the power of simulation effects, 3D spheres, and live footage. The course also offers tips on building a matching color scheme for your video, creating 3D titles, and much more.

Topics include:
  • Designing a pack shot
  • Creating a 3D basketball
  • Matching color and texture
  • Creating digital explosions
  • Using the Proxy rendering method
  • Adding focus and vignette
  • Compositing and animation
  • Creating 3D titles
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- Hi, I'm Eran Stern. Independent content creator and motion graphics artist. I use Adobe After Effects on a daily basis to create promos and advertising for TV and commercial products for companies like Adobe, Outbeats, FMC, and Digital Juice. If you are interested in learning intermediate and advanced techniques for working with Adobe After Effects software then this is the course for you.

During the next three and a half hours I'll show you how to build a promo designed for broadcast television. I'll explain the different stages of the design process and help you to create a unified graphic language combined with stunning visual effects. We will create elements from scratch using effects from the simulation category. Then we'll rotoscope part of the video and add some digital explosions.

We'll also design a three dimensional titles and even add more punch with some sound effects. All these techniques and more will be composited together and assembled into a powerful promo. This short promo piece has it all. Color correction, type, 3D design, depth and shadows, compositing, and bunch of unique After Effects techniques that I've learned over the years.

After watching this course and following the exercises you'll learn how to make your own TV package design. I hope you enjoy the course as I enjoyed making it. And maybe fall in love with After Effects like I did 15 years ago.

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