After Effects CS5 New Features

with Mark Christiansen
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After Effects CS5 New Features
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In After Effects CS5 New Features, author Mark Christiansen explores the added tools, plug-ins, and other productivity enhancements in the CS5 release of Adobe's motion graphics and visual effects software. This course covers improvements to the user interface, changes to RED footage and 3D and text compositions workflows, the Roto Brush tool, and the new mocha, Color Finesse, and Freeform AE plug-ins. Exercise files are included with the course.

Topics include:
  • Comparing After Effects CS4 and CS5
  • Working in the CS5 Timeline
  • Importing RED footage
  • Selecting with the Roto Brush tool
  • Optimizing performance and memory usage in a 64-bit application
  • 3D image warping with Freeform AE
  • Optimizing selections with the Refine Matte effect
  • Changing color with Color Finesse and updated blending modes
After Effects


- Hi, I'm Mark Christiansen, and I'd like to welcome you to After Effects CS5 New Features. In this course, I'll give you an overview of the new features added to the latest version of After Effects and show you how to put them to work. I'll show you how to use Roto Brush to automatically select and matte objects in a video clip as they move around the frame. We'll take a look for what it means for After Effects to be a 64-bit native application and see how you can configure your machine to take advantage of these huge improvements to memory allocation. So let's get going with After Effects CS5 New Features.

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