After Effects CS4 New Creative Techniques

with Chris Meyer and Trish Meyer
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After Effects CS4 New Creative Techniques
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After Effects CS4 New Creative Techniques was created and produced by Trish and Chris Meyer. We are honored to host their material in the Online Training Library®.

Motion graphics artist Chris Meyer, who has used After Effects since version 1, created After Effects CS4 New Creative Techniques to highlight some of the most exciting features in the latest release. These include several new effects; integration with Photoshop 3D layers; and independent control and keyframing of the X, Y, and Z position parameters. The new composition manager and mini-flowchart are big improvements, as are the Flash export features. Enhanced integration with Adobe Device Central greatly eases authoring for mobile devices. Other interesting changes Chris discusses include the newly bundled Mocha tracking and stabilization program, Wiggle transformations for shape layers, and Pixel Bender integration.

Topics include:
  • Implementing the new Cartoon, Bilateral Blur, and Turbulent Noise effects Finding assets in a project or the Timeline with QuickSearch Understanding the new pixel aspect ratios (PARs) Working with XMP metadata Using the new splash screen and interface additions
After Effects


(discordant organ music) - Hi, I'm Chris Meyer. My wife Trish and I have been using After Effects since version 1.0, so naturally, we're both excited whenever a new version's been announced, and we're curious to see what new features it might offer motion graphics artists just like us. Therefore, we've created this series of movies to show you some of the new features in After Effects CS4. The features we'll be demonstrating include three new effects, cartoon, bilateral blur, and turbulent noise, integration with the new Photoshop 3D layers, independent control over the X, Y, and Z position parameters including the ability to keyframe them independently, and a new QuickSearch feature which makes it easy to find things in your project or timeline panels, a brand new composition navigator and mini-flowchart, and this is one of the best new features in the program, the ability to export an After Effects composition as a Flash project, greatly enhanced integration with Adobe Device Central.

This is going to make authoring from mobile devices a lot easier, and a wrap up about what other new features might catch your interest like the integration of Mocha for After Effects, some new pixel aspect ratios, support for XMP metadata, and other such features. Hopefully by the end, you'll have an idea of whether or not you want to upgrade, and if you do upgrade these movies should help you hit the ground running, so let's dive in.

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