After Effects CS4 Essential Training

with Chad Perkins
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After Effects CS4 Essential Training
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In After Effects CS4 Essential Training, Chad Perkins teaches fundamental motion graphics design techniques from the ground up. He shows how to gather video, audio, and graphical source materials into layered compositions, make edits and adjustments, then bring it all to life with a powerful array of visual effects and animation techniques. These skills are demonstrated in a series of increasingly intricate projects, from creating a galaxy to building a fantasy battle scene. Chad also demonstrates workflows for keying and compositing, shows how to integrate with other applications, shares useful tips and secrets, and much more. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Importing assets with Bridge
  • Blending layers in a composition
  • Animating static images with the Puppet tool
  • Color-correcting video footage
  • Animating in 3D
  • Stabilizing shaky footage
  • Nesting and precomposing
  • Creating visual effects from scratch
  • Exporting to video and other media
After Effects


(Music playing.) Hello, viewing audience! My name is Chad Perkins. Welcome to Adobe After Effects CS4 Essential Training. Adobe After Effects is an industry leading and very popular well- beloved application for motion graphics, compositing, animation and visual effects. In this course, we will start from the ground up, we will learn all the basics including how to animate, how to apply effects and much more. We are also going to be looking at tons of projects. We are going to be creating a galaxy scene from scratch. We are also going to be compositing, taking multiple layers that don't belong together and making it look like they do belong together. We will be covering tips and tricks, little known secrets and features, new features, how After Effects integrates with other programs and much, much more.

Thanks for joining me and let's get started.

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Q: In Chapter 13, when trying to move the knight's right hand anchor point, the whole hand moves. When clicking on the anchor point to move it, both position and anchor point are highlighted. Deselecting the position does not help. What could be causing this problem?
A: This will occur if the layers are parented. See the videos on parenting later in the course for a detailed explanation. Also, be sure to adjust the anchor point before animating the objects.
Q: The author describes how to trim video by using the Option and Home keys on a Mac. A MacBook Pro keyboard does not have a Home button. What is the alternative for MacBook Pro users?
A: Pressing the Function key and the Left Arrow key is the same as the Home key on a MacBook.
Q: The videos are set up for computers using standard keyboards. Are there alternatives for laptops? For example, a Macbook pro doesn’t have a Home button. How can users with laptops use the same shortcuts that appear in the video?
A: For a helpful list of keyboard shortcuts for laptops, check out the page here:
Q: How does one change the timeline readout from frames to seconds? Most of the videos show the time in seconds, while my version shows frames.
A: The display in the Timeline panel automatically changes from frames to seconds as you zoom in and zoom out of the timeline (using the slider at the bottom of the panel). If you want to change the display to show only frames no matter how far you're zoomed out, then Control-click (on Windows) or Command-click (on a Mac) on the current time display in the upper left hand corner of the Timeline panel.
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