After Effects CS4 Beyond the Basics

with Chad Perkins
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After Effects CS4 Beyond the Basics
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In After Effects CS4 Beyond the Basics, Chad Perkins explores advanced techniques for working with motion graphic elements, animation, color correction, and more. Chad provides tips for working more efficiently, and then moves on to advanced effects, detailed masking techniques, and real-world expressions. Integrating Photoshop into the After Effects workflow is also highlighted. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Working more efficiently in the timeline
  • Adjusting color and Camera Raw
  • Using multiple compositing techniques
  • Using time remapping for animation
  • Creating a 3D environment from a photo
  • Creating realistic effects with particles
  • Mastering the syntax and purpose of expressions
  • Understanding Mocha for AE
After Effects


- Hello and welcome to After Effects CS4 Beyond the Basics. My name is Chad Perkins. I'm an Adobe Certified Instructor in After Effects, and it's my pleasure to share a program with you that inspires creativity. This title will expand on what we covered in After Effect CS4 Essential Training. We're also taking on topics and tricks that haven't ever been covered before on For example, I'm going to show you how to create some common motion graphics elements, like light swishes and ink spatter. We're also going to dig deeper into the integration of Photoshop in the After Effects workflow.

We'll even learn how to cut up an image and use After Effects to animate it and bring it to life. You'll see advanced ways to animate objects and how to use those concepts to create more realistic animations. We'll also look at more on expressions, more on playing with time, more on outputting to the right file format and compression method, and a regular smorgasbord of tips and tricks that you can feast on. So, let's get cookin' with After Effects CS4: Beyond the Basics.

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