After Effects CS3 Professional Beyond the Basics

with Chad Perkins
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After Effects CS3 Professional Beyond the Basics
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After Effects CS3 Professional Beyond the Basics shows how to take After Effects to the next level. Instructor Chad Perkins teaches techniques for bringing photos to life with displacement, crafting fire and water effects with Fractal Noise, mastering masks, using the "other" puppet tools, creating a lightsaber fight, running the gamut of expressions, and taking advantage of advanced 3D options. Chad shares his best tips and tricks for mastering After Effects CS3 Professional, and takes viewers through each of the program's advanced features. Exercise files accompany the tutorials.

Topics include:
  • Learning navigation tips and tricks
  • Understanding histograms, Levels, and Curves
  • Controlling effects with maps
  • Mastering Fractal Noise
  • Learning the Card Wipe effect
  • Using particle systems
  • Animating masks
  • Stretching and blending time
  • Taking a real-world look at expressions
  • Exploring technical issues
  • Getting more efficient with After Effects
  • Rendering, moving, and archiving projects
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Hey everybody, welcome! I am Chad Perkins and this is After Effects CS3 Professional, Beyond The Basics. On behalf of, I am really, really excited to be able to share with you all the stuff on the agenda for this training series. Now, I have to point out that of all things this is, this is definitely not a beginners' training series. I am not going to explain step by step every procedure for basic commands. I am going to expect you to know what a solid is, I am going to expect you to know how to create a new composition, how to import footage, the difference between importing and opening a project, etcetera, etcetera.

So pretty much if this is in my essential training title from, I am going to expect you to have that foundation. That being said, let me give you a taste of what we are going to be covering in this title. We are going to be making fires, as matter of fact this exact same fire that you are seeing right behind me and we are going to be making realistic water from scratch as well. We are going to have a light saber fight. We are going to show you how to create the Matrix 3D stop time effect. We are going to get into expressions in After Effects and we are going to show you real world examples of how to use them.

If you have had struggles with expressions in the past, you will not after going through this training series. We are also going to see some other stuff like how to make a shark smile and also how to create a Street Fighter 2 Haduken Ball like this, and we are also going to take a look at a self-destructing fish, and on more than one occasion, we are going to see me make a total idiot out of myself. So I am super excited to get started and show you what I have got in store for this amazing training series.

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