After Effects CS3 Effects

with Chad Perkins
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After Effects CS3 Effects
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In After Effects CS3 Effects, Adobe Certified Instructor Chad Perkins explores the basic purposes and practical uses of each of the application's effects. He teaches in detail how to apply every native effect, covering 3D Channel effects, Blur & Sharpen effects, using channels for blending and reflections, color correction, distortion, particle systems, and keying. This training is essential for those who want to push After Effects CS3 to its limits. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Utilizing 3D Channel effects Making particle systems Creating synthetic objects from scratch Applying Color Correction effects Distorting layers with effects Working with expression controls Keying out a variety of backgrounds Recreating popular special effects
After Effects


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome, welcome. This is Chad Perkins here. On behalf of we are going be going through all the After Effects effects here in this title. I am so passionate about this. After Effects effects can do so much. So you can takes something like fractal noise and turn it into fire or water and take something like foam and turn it into bubbles or ants or whatever. There's just so much that effects can do. Join me as we go through this training series, feel free to not watch all in a row because that would be a very long trip, but to jump in and use effects as necessary but I invite you to kind of explore and get comfortable and see what's out there.

There's so many undiscovered effects that you'll be surprised that can really change your workflow. So maybe masks that you make, relections that you make other things like that you spend so much time doing on a day-to-day basis can be handled simply and easily by effects. You just got to find the right ones. Now, before jumping into the training series, it's very important thing you watched these intro movies. Usually I realize that they're not super interesting but there's a lot of important stuff you need to know before going forward. So again I'm Chad Perkins on behalf of, thank you so much for joining us. Let's get going.

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Q: In the “Shatter Effect” chapter, most of the examples are performed using solids. Is it possible to shatter or reverse shatter a photograph?
A: A solid is used for demonstration  in the tutorial, because it's easier to see, but anything done to a solid can done with a photograph. For a good example, check out  the After Effects CS4 Essential Training  title, and the movie “Blowing stuff up with effects” in Chapter 7.
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