After Effects 7 Title Design Techniques

with Daniel Sorenson
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After Effects 7 Title Design Techniques
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In After Effects 7 Title Design Techniques, instructor and industry expert Daniel Sorenson demonstrates how to create enticing titles for video projects such as opening or ending credits, showing real-world projects and examples. The training teaches how to create effects such as oozing blood to pixel dust, lightning bolts to billowing curtains. Special focus is placed on how to choose title techniques that communicate effectively and create an emotional impact. Exercise files accompany the tutorial videos.

The video tutorials in After Effects 7 Title Design Techniques require plug-ins only available in Adobe After Effects 7 Professional. If you are using Adobe After Effects 7 Standard, you may not be able to recreate all the example techniques.

Topics include:
  • Creating specialized effects for various projects
  • Importing and compositing footage
  • Creating backgrounds
  • Creating and animating text
  • Adding randomness to type
  • Setting guides and placing type
  • Using multiple masks to create transitions
  • Scaling objects using a null layer
  • Using text animation presets
  • Adding sound
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