After Effects 7 and Flash 8 Integration

with Lee Brimelow
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After Effects 7 and Flash 8 Integration
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For those ready to combine professional motion graphics from Adobe After Effects 7 with interactive applications created in Adobe Flash 8, this tutorial is the first stop. From discussing the differences between Flash and After Effects to showing how to seamlessly import and export vector animations from each application, Lee Brimelow explains everything involved in using the two applications in unison. The tutorial covers working with third party plug-ins, exporting QuickTime from Flash, using the Audio Spectrum and Audio Waveform effects, and creating special effects in After Effects for use in Flash. Exercise files accompany the tutorial.

Topics include:
  • Understanding how After Effects differs from Flash
  • Exporting vectors from After Effects
  • Using Flash video in After Effects
  • Creating special effects for Flash
  • Exporting Flash animations to After Effects
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