Up and Running with Promethean ActivInspire

with Aaron Quigley
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Up and Running with Promethean ActivInspire
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Promethean interactive whiteboards bring the immediacy of touch to your teaching. Learn the tools and best practices for using one in your classroom, in this course from author and educator Aaron Quigley. Aaron shows how to set up your Promethean board; download ActivInspire, the software that drives Promethean boards; and get started creating new presentations that include video, quizzes, and annotations. He'll also focus on teaching methods that get your students actively involved with the Promethean board, and offer challenges along the way to test their skills.

Topics include:
  • Setting up a Promethean board
  • Syncing your computer with your Promethean board
  • Creating new presentations
  • Annotating over your desktop
  • Recording videos
  • Adding timed quiz questions
  • Controlling interactions in the Property Browser
  • Using Magic Ink
Education + Elearning


- Hello, and welcome to Up and Running with Promothean ActivInspire. This course is going to explore the tools, and best practices, to use in a Promothean board in your classroom. We will briefly touch on the technical setup of a Promothean board, and then dive deeper into the software that makes it all work, ActivInspire. Throughout the chapters, we will look at how to use a Promothean board in lieu of a whiteboard or chalkboard, and also how to create interactive presentations that your students can use for exploratory and self-guided learning. An underlying theme for this course is student-centered teaching, and I will discuss tips and tricks that allow students to become key players in the operation and use of your Promothean board.

You can also test your learning with several challenges along the way. I hope you enjoy the content we will create together, as we dive into Promothean boards, and the ActivInspire software.

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