Getting Started with ActionScript

with Joseph Labrecque
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Getting Started with ActionScript
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ActionScript is an object-oriented programming language that has a wide reach on the web, the desktop, mobile devices, and beyond. In this workshop, expert software engineer Joseph Labrecque teaches you the fundamentals of programming in ActionScript 3 using both Flash Professional and Flash Builder. Learn how to use core constructs and object types such as variables, arrays, and functions, as well as more advanced types like video, sound, XML, and JSON.

Topics include:
  • What is ActionScript and why should I learn it?
  • ActionScript 2.0 vs. ActionScript 3.0
  • Implementing external source code
  • Working in Flash Professional and Flash Builder
  • Understanding language fundamentals
  • Working with ActionScript objects


- Hi, this is Joseph Labrecque: senior interactive software engineer, Adobe education leader and Adobe community professional. I've been working with Flash platform technologies for over a decade and even after all this time, I find the core language behind Flash, ActionScript 3, remains a compelling solution to build interactive projects for the web and beyond. The lessons I'll be presenting in this course involve both core programming concepts that can be applied across languages and also elements and objects specific to ActionScript and the Flash platform.

We'll explore concepts behind using ActionScript to develop Flash content, the differences between AS2 and AS3 and demonstrate core language concepts like variables, functions and arrays. We'll also take a look at the package and class structure behind AS3 and explore a variety of scenarios through objects like MovieClip, TextField, video and sound.

Additionally, we'll explore the loading of external images and data transfer through XML and JSON. Whether you are new to programming in general or just want to become familiar with the basis of ActionScript, this set of lessons will provide a solid overview of not only the ActionScript language but basic programming tenants as well. Let's get started.

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