ActionScript 3.0 Projects: Game Development

with Todd Perkins
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ActionScript 3.0 Projects: Game Development
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Adobe Certified Instructor Todd Perkins makes ActionScript fun in ActionScript 3.0 Projects: Game Development . He explains the principles of game design and development, then shows how to overcome game-making challenges to create all kinds of games. Todd teaches developers how to deal with case sensitivity, create dynamically moving enemies, add event listeners, determine a win or loss in a game, and add additional features and artificial intelligence. Each set of tutorials covers how to build a game from scratch. Exercise files accompany the tutorials.

Topics include:
  • Understanding game development
  • Building a shooting game
  • Making a Ping-Pong game
  • Developing the enemy's artificial intelligence
  • Creating a word-guessing game
  • Placing tiles in a slider puzzle game
  • Creating a tank battle game
  • Winning and losing a game
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